Missing Stories
What happens when the heroes of a historic town come alive to help you solve a mystery?
Thieves Guild Art Heist
Will you learn the art of thieving, and join us in pulling off the biggest heist our city has ever seen?
Skipperville Desk Project
We took an old theatre workshop space, added a few talented creatives, and combined their powers for good!
Cookin' NANTA Promotion
How do you get a small southern town to turn out for a live Korean cooking show that contains not one word of English?
Cyclops: A Rock Opera Promotion
How do you get a small southern town to show up for an orgy-rific retelling of the classic Euripidean tragedy?
Holiday Pop Up Shops 2013-2017
Gave local artists and makers a chance to show off their wares, while showcasing abandoned and under-used spaces in historic downtown Montgomery.
Product of Montgomery
Leveraged the experience of 4 years of Holiday Pop Up shops into an year round permanent store and home for local artists.
Data Management / Research / OSINT
Constantly developing new ways to leverage data to exceed client expectations.
ARG Work
Legacy of Julian Teng / Cookietown Chronicles / Gameful Challenge Socks Inc Department Selection
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