The Alabama Shakespeare Festival wanted a memorable way to promote their upcoming 2012-2013 season, so we put together a locative play that would bring all the imagination of the theatre right to the streets of Montgomery, allowing everyday citizens to be part of their own play. This was planned to take place at the Montgomery Street Fair, but our story started weeks before as mysterious photos began appearing online, as well as collections of lost love letters found in cigar boxes at local businesses around town.

At the street fair, passersby approached the desk of Dirk’s Detective Agency, where they were told of a mysterious woman who appeared throughout Montgomery’s history, and were given a box of clues to help discover her true identity. The cigar box contained various items such as a wooden coin, a map, a playbill, and a love note. The wooden coin led you to the Commerce St. Soda Shop, where you encountered a charming old man wearing a tuxedo and regaling his audience with wild tales from another era. The man gave you another clue that led you to another location and so on, allowing you to meet other amazing characters who shared their own stories, such as a down & out jazz singer, a southern belle in a hoop skirt, and even Zelda Fitzgerald herself. Finally you see her - a mysterious woman with a crystal ball: the Spirit of Montgomery, who hands you your prize: a pair of ASF tickets! You also end with a box full of mementos to remember the journey.
Prologue: A local Detective Agency Shared its latest case online and could be interacted with and even called.
Prologue : Love letters were scattered around to collect and complete
A completed set of love letters could unlock a special trinket at the Street Fair
We were able to highlight up and coming local spots
A Map & Tokens were the key to unlocking the mystery
Visitors would stop by Dirk's outdoor office to be put on the case
They will meat people along the way who will help them complete their map
A city founder with a sketchy past offers you a bond from the city for a token of value. Once given he seems to remember more of who he is and what he had done.
Consulting the Map
The mysterious Z seems interested in a letter signed FS
No matter the color of her dress this musician appreciates your tip and gives you a little something back
An actress needs help letting people know about the play she will be starring in, your playbill will do just fine
Time to assemble the Map
You have found your way to The Spirit of Montgomery. She tells your fortune and has Tickets to a play to reward you for your troubles!
Missing Stories incorporated physical experience design and the coordination of a large group of people. Ran the gamut from rom pitching the concept to partnering with the theater, working with actors, coordinating physical props and spaces, staying within budget, and even incorporated a digital aspect as well.
Winner of Gold ADDY Award and Judges’ Choice Award at the 2013 American Advertising Federation Montgomery ADDY Awards.
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