Papercraft tribute to Brak cut by sight
Cut paper 2.25d buttons
Lasercut r2-d2
Lasercut of Montgomery
Lidar Scan of POM
Lasercut Pin from paper doll
lasercut wallet
Lasercut art supply holder designed from scratch
lasercut 3d art using TinkerCAD & Fusion Slicer
Marquee project designed in TinkerCAD
Lasercut Marquee
Cookie Cutter designed in Illustrator
Cookie Cutter formed in TinkerCAD
Cookie Cutter 3d Printed
Nintendo Switch Holder Designed
Nintendo Switch Holder Lasercut
Socks Inc sock puppet
Decoder Business Cards
Turbo Kid Helment
The Mickey Mouse Club
Kill Bill Crazy 88
TBBT (trust me she was Sheldon at the start of the night)
Psy Gangnam Style featuring Yoo Jae-suk
The Doctor and Capt. Jack
Turbo Kid Cosplay & Props
Dance Video from Top Secret Dance Off
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