Joe founded Montgomery’s first Makerspace in 2012, and worked tirelessly to build it up and organize group projects to help the local community.
One such project was the Skipperville Desk Build (2015), where Joe partnered with people in Texas, New York, and Georgia to design, source material for and assemble a complete makeover of the computer lab at George W. Long Elementary in rural Skipperville, Alabama.
Featured in Popular Mechanics June 2015
George W Long Elementary School is located in Skipperville AL
Mrs. Snell Put out a call out to help tame her "Wired Jungle"
The computer lab was full of second hand furniture and the chord management was a struggle for the teacher
The basic task is to create tables with a total of 30 computer stations.
We figured out a layout that would work for the classroom and searched for desk and chair options.
We Identified the Roxanne Chair from Opendesk
We chose the Snap Set Disk
A week before the deadline our CNC shop in GA fell through, we contacted TechShop Austin as a backup source
I flew out to TX and drove through the night 820 miles to deliver the desks for assembly
The school stepped up and cleaned and painted the room.
We spent the next 2 days assembling the desks and chairs
One by one it all came together
We tamed the Wired Jungle
The students were surprised with their new lab!
I think they liked it!
Popular Mechanics highlighted the project
I was able to speak at The National Maker Faire about the project
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