The Thieves’ Guild Art Heist (2013) - The Montgomery Museum of Fine Art wanted a unique way to promote their annual Art in Concert event, and reach a younger audience. One day the mysterious Montgomery Thieves’ Guild suddenly began recruiting in the city - leaving behind flyers and strange matchbooks with clues to dead drops around the city, which contained tools to enhance their thieving skills. A secret passphrase allowed participants to access a hidden room in a bar, where they could learn valuable skills like lockpicking and forging signatures. Even the pooches were included, with a special Sniff N Hunt event at the local dog park. The Guild also had the gall to set up a recruitment table at a local university - get ‘em started young! The night of Art in Concert, Guild members were able to complete their training and pull off their heist.
To pitch the project we had the museum staff pull of an Art heist in their own museum
We made several leave behind items that could be dropped off all over town
Flyers were left in high traffic places
A weekly newsletter sent out guild tips and weekly assignments.
Deaddrops with equipment to enhance their skills could be found by following clues
Even pups were able to get in on the action
After finding treat filled eggs with their pooch players could return them for prizes
The guild set up a recruitment booth at the local university
A secret passphrase allowed members to attend a special event in a hidden back room at a local bar. Lockpicking , Signature Forging, and other advanced skills were taught.
The night of the Concert members were able to complete their training.
Pitched the idea to the MMFA board by having them work together to complete a mini art heist on the spot. The Thieves’ Guild Art Heist included skills such as prop design, multiple game design, social media interaction, staying within budget & timeline, working within board expectations, and execution of all events.
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